Support HR and programme management

An important part of a mentoring programme is the programme management. The program management has the overall responsibility of the mentoring programme, and it is the role of the programme management to do follow-ups during the programme, to provide support to mentors and mentors as well as generally ensure quality assurance of the overall mentoring programme.

The role and responsibilities of the programme management include:

  • Communication to all relevant stakeholders
  • Design the enrolment process
  • Design and facilitate the matching process
  • Design and facilitate the various workshops and development activities
  • On-going supervision
  • Evaluation and documentation of final results in relation to overall objectives


KMP+ House of Mentoring offers support to HR and the programme management

Through virtual or physical meetings, we can help with designing the framework for the mentoring program and sharing knowledge with the programme management. In addition, support the mentoring programme’s management team (as required) in managing the programme and, for example, dealing with confidentiality issues, supporting individual mentor/mentee couples, etc.

  • Clarification of the role of the programme management
  • Design the matching process to ensure appropriate match
  • Establish principles for follow-up and support for mentors and mentors
  • On-going support to HR and programme management – ensures optimal benefit of the programme


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