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Evolving Team Leadership

by Nic Thielsen, May 2014

This article is about the changing role of the team leader. The leadership role changes from being very directive and detail oriented when leading a newly formed, low performing team, towards an inspirational and reflecting role when in charge of a high performing team. The leadership is not only responsible for the progression of the team through various phases of performance capability, but also very much responsible for their own role-transition.

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Forside mentor

Mentoring Programmes

KMP+ Publications by Kirsten M. Poulsen, July 2013

The article presents an approach to the design and implementation of mentroing programmes which is very practical while at the same time manages to take into ccount the complexity of facilitating effective learning processes. Included is information on selection and matchning of mentors and mentees, the phases of the mentoring process and models for learning.

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forside A new way

A New Way of Seeing Mentoring

by Kirsten M. Poulsen, April 2008

The article presents the opportunities for mentors’ learning in the mentoring relationship linking this learning to the Mentor+Model for evaluating mentoring programmes.

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