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Throughout the years, KMP+ House of Mentoring has designed and implemented mentoring programmes within a wide range of Danish and international companies and organisations. We have worked with customers in many different countries e.g. Norway, Sweden, Germany, England, France and United States. Our customers come from both private and public sectors.

You can read about our cooperation with some of these customers below and be inspired on how mentoring programmes could become part of your business or organisation.

Selected reference projects

University of Oslo (UiO), Norway

Mentoring programme for female post.docs

The mentoring programme was launched in order to raise awareness of gender and recruitment as well as reduce dropout among women in academic career positions. The purpose of the programme is to support female post.docs in furthering their academic career towards a permanent professor position. The 10th mentoring programme will start in September 2017, and it will be the 7th mentoring programme KMP+ House of Mentoring is delivering. We support e.g. with interviewing and matching of mentors and mentees, education of mentors, workshops and the final evaluation of the programme in which the Mentor+Survey is used.

Accura (law firm), Denmark

Mentoring programme for attorneys and law students

Through their mentoring programme, Accura offers skilled law students from all over the country a unique opportunity to get insight into the industry as well as being introduced to the labour market.

Attorneys and assistant attorneys are mentors for the law students and the programme is designed to assist the law students in their career. KMP+ House of Mentoring has helped with designing the mentoring programme as well as contributed to kick-off seminars.

Accura can factually measure that the programme has had an effect on their employer branding KPIs.

University of Brighton, England

Research mentoring

The purpose of the mentoring programme is to support young researchers in their research writing and research career. KMP+ House of Mentoring has contributed with training of mentors with the Mentor+Game and Facilitator Accreditation of 10 professors in the Mentor+Game, which they are now using themselves to train their mentors and mentees.

Finansforbundet (Union), Denmark


Mentorship for members with focus on career development

Finansforbundet offers their members a mentorship programme, which focuses on career development and strengthening personal and professional skills. KMP+ House of Mentoring collaborates with Finansforbundet and delivers certified mentors, all of which are part of KMP+’s own mentor corps. We match mentors and mentees and lead supervision throughout the programme.

Read more about Finansforbundet’s mentoring programme here

Realkredit Danmark (Danish Financial Company)

Mentoring programme for leadership development of young people/new managers

In 2011-2012 KMP+ House of Mentoring designed and implemented Realkredit Danmark’s mentoring programme. The object of the mentoring programme was to strengthen mentees leadership skills and continue developing the leadership skills of the mentors.

Innovation Norway


The Leader Mentor Programme for women in leadership

The purpose of the programme was to support women in their leadership career by providing a leadership development programme integrated with a mentoring programme. KMP+ House of Mentoring delivered 6 mentoring programmes from 2005-2009. In total more than 100 female leaders an equal number of mentors participated in these programmes.

International Cross-Mentoring Programme, Luxembourgh

The programme was started in 2005 focusing on supporting women in their leadership career. Since 2008 also male leaders participate, and since 2012 the programme includes a board of directors’ leadership programme for board-ready and board-active women.

The key of the programme is that mentors and mentees are matched across different organisations and each company contributes with both mentors and mentees. Since 2009 Kirsten M. Poulsen has been associated as an advisor and consultant to the programme and acts as moderator and keynote speaker at the annual ICMP conference. She works in close collaboration with the founder of the programme Rita Knott.

Campus Varberg, Sweden

Mentoring programme for students

Campus Varberg’s mentoring programme consisted of students, who were matched with Swedish business people whose experience and knowledge in various industries contributed to new knowledge and new learning processes for the students. In co-orporation with Drivhuset Göteborg, the mentoring programme was supplemented with a course in entrepreneurship for mentees. The purpose was to strengthen the creative side as well as make them push themselves even more and try new things. KMP+ House of Mentoring has contributed as discussion partner and advisor to the programme’s management team, trained the mentors and facilitated the final evaluation workshop.

PwC, Denmark

Mentoring programme for women in their leadership career

The purpose of the programme was to support ambitious and talented younger women in the organisation and support them in becoming more visible and more effective in achieving their career goals. At the same time, PwC wanted to increase the retention and accelerate the careers of these talented women. KMP+ House of Mentoring contributed to the design and implementation, matching of mentors and mentees, mentor training and final evaluation using the Mentor+Survey.

Selected testimonials

Testimonials from programme managers

“At Danfoss we have conducted several pilots of the Mentor+Game with different global teams around the organization. We find that the program offers a win-win for both the mentor and mentee and is building a common language to discuss development and leadership for our employees which complements our efforts in this area.”
– Tatjana F. Harttung, Danfoss A/S – Talent Management, Corporate HR

“For the first time in the history of Falck, we have a mentoring programme, and it is a success!”
– Troels Friis Marcher, Project Manager at Falck Danmark A/S

“I’m very impressed with the way Kirsten brings the concept of mentoring to life, incorporating knowledge from different fields, and linking an understanding of business with mentoring. This ensures that developing the concept of mentoring goes from being “just talk” to a serious activity which all participants can benefit from”
– Bodil Egede-Larsen, Manager of the Career Unit, DM – the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs

Testimonials from mentors/mentees

“The Guidance provided by KMP+ to me as a mentor has been valuable for both my mentee and me. The Workbook and supplemental materials provided a good framework for the ongoing dialogs with my mentee.”
– John Galyen, President, Danfoss North America – mentor 

“Before the start of the programme, during the matching conversation, I was asked if there was anything in particular a mentor could challenge me on. This is not a question I encounter on an everyday basis, but after some time thought I realized that I wanted to share my research with people outside academia. This was something I’d thought about for some time, but never actually managed to do. As a starting point, I decided to create a blog.

Working on the blog is great fun, and I’ve had more readers and positive comments than I had ever dreamt of. Thanks to the blog, I’ve been a guest on the Norwegian radio show Ekko several times, and I’ve also been asked to write articles about my research for the Norwegian paper, Aftenposten. My research is now reaching a much wider audience and new career opportunities have opened up.

So thanks for that meeting, sometimes it doesn’t take that much :)”
– Anja Røyne, Post. Doc. at University of Oslo, Norway

“Management is the ability to deliver results through employees. The better you get at this, the easier it becomes to outperform your competitors. Being a mentor gives me continuous training to become a better leader.”
– Marit Lambrechts, Managing Director for Alliance Apotek (one of Norway’s leading pharmacy chains) – mentor

Testimonials from workshop participants

“The mentor training gave me time to reflect and the chance to learn new things. It’s helped me become a better leader.”
– Kristin K. Devold, Secretary General of Norwegian Tourist Association

“The Mentor+Game is an effective tool which provides a good insight into the Mentor’s Many Roles.”
– Elin Kjeldstadli Hatlestad, Likestillingssenteret, Norway

“ I now feel equipped to establish a mentoring programme for new employees joining my organisation. Thank you for a lovely day.”
– Charlotte Nørgaard, Nr. Asmindrup School and Knowledge center

“The day has made me more aware of the mentoring roles I use in my day-to-day work:”
– Signe Opsahl, Likestillingssenteret, Norway

“Very inspiring training given by a very experienced and passionate person from KMP+. The mentor cards are a treasury for building exciting workshops. A very serious process with very valuable material. I recommend it warmly. Thank you.”
– Marie Anne Salier, Consultant, Luxembourg

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