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Since 2000, KMP+ House of Mentoring has designed and implemented state-of-the-art mentoring programmes. Our clients represent many different industries and are both local and global organisations.

Our mission is to provide in-depth knowledge and practical tools for designing and deploying state-of-the-art mentoring programmes with significant business impact. We are passionate about learning, actively engage with our costumers and connect with the individuals impacted by our collaboration.

Learn more about our Mentor+ Concept and how it has contributed to the development, retention and recruitment of employees for a number of our clients. Get inspiration on how mentoring programmes can become part of your own organisation.

Cases – selected case stories from our clients

Out clients - IDA

New programme design focuses on creating a clear framework and a clear structure 

Our clients UiO

A push for gender equality through mentoring

Our clients Aalborg University

Aalborg University and local companies join forces to retain international students in the region after graduation

Case: IDA – The Danish Society of Engineers 

In 2018, IDA, the Danish Society of Engineers re-designed their mentoring programme. The purpose is to create a framework for professional relations between their members who share knowledge with each other through the program and have the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally. Since the new programme design was launched, a total of 140 mentor/mentee pairs have been matched.

Case: University of Oslo

Studies show that despite an increasing number of female students at UiO, there are still more male professors employed in the university’s research positions. The purpose of the mentoring programme is to increase the number of women in open research positions by assigning the female post doctors a mentor who can help them promote their careers.

Case: Aalborg University 

The International Business Centre Office (IBCO) at Aalborg University is running a mentoring programme for Masters Students at Department of Business and Management – “AAU International Business Mentor Board”. The mentoring programme works partly as an initiative for getting Masters Students faster in jobs, and partly as an initiative to retain the international students in Denmark.

References – hear what our clients are saying

“The Guidance provided by KMP+ to me as a mentor has been valuable for both my mentee and me. The Workbook and supplemental materials provided a good framework for the ongoing dialogs with my mentee.”
– John Galyen, President, Danfoss North America – mentor 

“ I now feel equipped to establish a mentoring programme for new employees joining my organisation. Thank you for a lovely day.”
– Charlotte Nørgaard, Nr. Asmindrup School and Knowledge center

“Kirsten M. Poulsen has contributed with great enthusiasm and empathy to the fact that we in Realkredit Denmark have established a successful mentoring program where experienced managers are mentors for new managers. Kirsten M. Poulsen’s significant experience and great professional ballast have been a significant asset to the mentoring program, which has helped develop both mentors and mentees. “

– Henrik Blavnsfeldt, assistant director, Realkredit Danmark 

“I’m very impressed with the way Kirsten brings the concept of mentoring to life, incorporating knowledge from different fields, and linking an understanding of business with mentoring. This ensures that developing the concept of mentoring goes from being “just talk” to a serious activity which all participants can benefit from”
– Bodil Egede-Larsen, Manager of the Career Unit, DM – the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs

The Mentor+Game is an incredible tool. It is straightforward and easy to use and for me an eye-opener on the many forms of communication (roles) I can use in dialogue with others. Even though the game is designed to be used in mentoring programmes it can also be applied in other forms of communication. Beforehand I was not aware of the many roles I could use in dialogue with others. It has been fun to discover that the storyteller role, which I was otherwise sure I did not master or use, is a role that I both use and master.

– Eli Olaug Hole, Professor, Biophysics and medical physics, physical institute, The University of Oslo

“At Danfoss we have conducted several pilots of the Mentor+Game with different global teams around the organization. We find that the program offers a win-win for both the mentor and mentee and is building a common language to discuss development and leadership for our employees which complements our efforts in this area.”
– Tatjana F. Harttung, Danfoss A/S – Talent Management, Corporate HR

“Management is the ability to deliver results through employees. The better you get at this, the easier it becomes to outperform your competitors. Being a mentor gives me continuous training to become a better leader.”
– Marit Lambrechts, mentor

“I have been working with mentoring programmes for the last 12 years and I have never seen such a rich and professional tool as the Mentor+Game. Bravo to the team of KMP+ for having developed such an inspiring tool and bravo to Kirsten M. Poulsen for her excellent facilitation of the 2-day Accreditation seminar.” 
– Rita Knott, owner Coaching Mentoring Consulting, Luxembourg 

 “Amazing training that lifts the insight into relational collaboration to another level – and offers concrete tools and methods for reflection, learning and results.”

– Britta Andresen, humanbalance (Business+Mentor Training)

Samples of our previous and current clients

Our clients Venture Cup Denmark

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