The Mentor+Universe™ is a state-of-the-art online mentoring platform developed by KMP+ House of Mentoring to support every stage of your mentoring journey.

The Mentor+Universe™ provides a common platform for designing and implementing professional and effective mentoring programmes in organisations as well as a toolbox for mentors and mentees to accelerate their learning process.

The Mentor+Universe™ enhances the value of organisational mentoring programmes, through

  • ensuring one approach, one language and common understanding of mentoring in the organisation.
  • increasing the impact and benefits of mentoring programmes through innovative tools and models.
  • minimizing the cost of “trial and error”.
  • providing online access – anywhere, anytime.


The Mentor+Universe™ consists of three distinct toolboxes, all designed to support the mentoring process and ensure high quality mentoring programmes.


PROGRAMME TOOLBOX – provides programme managers with inspiration and tools for designing, implementing and managing professional mentoring programmes.

MENTOR/MENTEE TOOLBOX – provides mentors and mentees with guidance, inspiration and solid tools for establishing and sustaining productive and positive mentoring relationships.

TRAINING TOOLBOX – provides accredited facilitators with methodology and tools for planning and delivering training and workshops for mentors and mentees.

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Access anytime, anywhere

Easily grow your mentoring programme across the organisation and impact more people.


Mentoring Resources

Learn from our 20+ years of experience designing and delivering mentoring programmes.



Guide your mentors and mentees with innovative tools and inspiration that accelerate their learning process.

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Increase programme engagement

Build a strong mentoring framework to develop a mentoring culture and ensure long-term organisational impact.

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Below you can learn more about the three toolboxes and how they can support your mentoring programme.


Helps you design, implement and manage state-of-the-art mentoring programmes with business impact.

The toolbox is designed to support HR managers and programme managers who are responsible for designing and running mentoring programmes.


Supports mentors and mentees in their learning process and in gaining new understanding of skills, talents, relationships, career opportunities etc.

The toolbox is designed to support mentors and mentees during their participation in a mentoring programme.


It provides them with:

  • introduction to modern mentoring
  • insight into pitfalls and success criteria
  • tools and templates for matching
  • advice for follow-up and supervision
  • recommendations for evaluation
  • and more…

It provides them with:

  • introduction to modern mentoring
  • recommendation and guidelines for preparation
  • learning and development tools
  • learning log and templates for preparation and documentation of the mentoring journey
  • and more…


Supports accredited facilitators in designing and delivering high quality training and workshops for mentors and mentees.

The toolbox is designed to support trainers/facilitators that have completed the Mentor+Facilitator™ accreditation and wish to run internal mentoring programmes on their own using the Mentor+ approach and tools.

*The Training Toolbox is an exclusive offer for accredited trainers/facilitators. 


It provides them with:

  • tools and templates for designing, planning and delivering training and workshops
  • insight into learning theory, barriers for learning, group dynamics and facilitator skills
  • the Mentor+Game™ and training tools
  • and more…



Get a branded version of the Mentor+Universe™. We can customise the platform and the tools to meet your organisational purpose and context.

Training Sessions

We offer tailor-made training workshops adapted to your mentoring programme. We offer training courses for programme managers, facilitators and mentors and mentees.

Evaluation & benchmarking

The Mentor+Survey™ is a research-based tool to measure and evaluate to which extent a mentoring programme works and delivers the desired results.

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