Mentoring programmes are established to create results – for both the organisation and the participants. The Mentor+Survey measures and evaluates in which extent a mentoring programme works and how it creates the desired results.

Mentor+Survey – A tool for evaluation and benchmarking

Northern Europe’s biggest database

The Mentor+Survey was developed in 2003 based on a self-initiated practice research project examining the use of mentoring programmes in Scandinavia. In 2007, KMP+ carried through a statistical validation and analysis of the results and is now offering the 2nd generation of the Mentor+Survey. We own Northern Europe’s biggest database with answers from both mentors and mentees on how mentoring programmes work and which results they creates for mentors and mentees.

The Mentor+Survey ensures that:

  • The participants evaluate all relevant parts of the mentoring programme
  • The management receives a concrete basis for decisions about further development and continuation of the mentoring programme
  • Mentors and mentees learn from each other’s experiences and behaviour in the programme
  • The results will be documented and is communicated to all relevant parties

The Mentor+Model

In 2003-2004 parallel with the Mentor+Survey, the Mentor+Model was developed by Kirsten M. Poulsen and Christian Wittrock to show relationships, create definitions, develop insight and provide an overview on how to establish effective mentoring programmes. The Mentor+Survey measures and evaluates the areas mentioned in the Mentor+Model.

KMP_Model 08-4_V1_ENG_uden baggrund

The main 4 areas of the Mentor+Survey:

1 The Core

This is the confidential learning zone of the mentor and the mentee. The process between the mentor and mentee is characterized by the expectations and motivations of the two people, the way they communicate, how committed they are to the relationship and how they perceive each other in their roles. The Mentor+Survey measures the perception of the mentors and mentees of these elements; presence, establishing the relationship, learning and development and motivation.

2 Goals and Results

The Mentor+Survey measures to what extent mentors and mentees expect certain results as well as which results mentors and mentees actually believe they have achieved during the mentoring programme.

3 Programme Structure

The factors of this area are basic elements for designing a successful mentoring programme. All mentoring programmes are unique – but all mentoring programmes need structure and a framework adapted to the specific goals of the programme, as well as to the culture and values of the organisation. This area serves as a checklist for designing mentoring programmes.

4 Stakeholders

This area represents the context of the mentoring programme i.e. the stakeholders around the programme for company-internal programmes as well as open programmes. The Mentor+Survey evaluates these relationships and how they influence the results of the mentoring programme. This area is not included when we evaluate open programmes, e.g. programmes organized by trade unions and associations.

How the Mentor+Survey works:

The survey is conducted through the internet and is answered by all mentors and mentees. The result report is compiled in two versions:

  • a benchmarking report – the company’s result is compared with answers in the Danish database
  • a programme report – only shows the company’s own results

The results are used in the final seminar where mentors and mentees discuss their different perceptions of the mentor-mentee relationship and identify own learning points. They also give feedback on how the programme could be improved and adjusted for better results.

This way the organisation receives an evaluation of the function of the mentoring programme and results both through the Mentor+Survey and through the participants own interpretation and comments of the results. In the light of this the organisation can adjust and further develop the programme so even better results can be achieved in the future.

Practical Information

The Mentor+Survey provides you with:

  • Planning and setup in connection with sending out the survey
  • Two reports – the benchmarking report and the programme report
  • Presentation of the results for the programme management and discussions of what the results mean in relation to adjust and further development of the mentoring programmeThe Mentor+Survey is conducted through the internet and the price includes planning, implementation and final presentation of results and recommendations for the programme management.

Price          DKK 27.000 excl. VAT

The Mentor+Survey exists in English, Danish, Norwegian and a Swedish version.


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