Are you responsible for implementing and running the companies mentoring programme, and would like to gain some new inspiration and new tools to make the mentoring programme even more interesting and effective, as well as become more professional in your work with mentoring programmes? Then sign up for the Mentor+Programme Managers Training course!


Mentor+Programme Mangers Training – strengthens and enhances you facilitator skills

As a participant in the Mentor+Programme Managers Training course you and your company receive a thorough introduction into designing and implementation of mentoring programmes, and this way get the best possible starting point when designing and implementing your own mentoring programmes, which precisely fits your purpose and needs.

The purpose of the course is to create a solid foundation for designing and implementing of mentoring programmes – focusing on the programme manger role. During the course, you create the first design sketch for your up-coming mentoring programme.

It is a cost-effective and qualitative solution for companies/organisations, which at the same time ensures a competence boost.

When participating in the Mentor+Programme Managers Training, you gain:

  • Insight into the research and theory behind mentoring
  • Presentation of case stories from other organisations
  • Overview of the pitfalls and success criteria
  • Tools for the decision making process in order to establish a mentoring programme
  • Insight into methods of evaluation and evaluations results
  • Design template and tools for implementing and quality assurance

Content of the programme:

The Mentor+Programme Mangers Training consists of two training days, which contains presentations, group-work, exchange of experience and testing of new tools. We involve the participants experiences actively and/or their wishes for how to establish a mentoring programme in the oraganisation and puts into perspective theories and tools to suit individual needs.

The Mentor+Programme Managers Training will be held internal in the organisation, but we can also help with arranging training facilities. The Mentor+Programme Mangers Training course is available in English and Danish.

The price depends on the number of participants – contact us for a non-binding offer


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