A mentoring programme is an excellent and efficient way to develop people and organisations. An organisational mentoring programme is a formally structured programme, run within an organisation or between several organisations. Mentors and mentees are matched with the aim of creating an effective, well-balanced learning process, which meets the organisation’s strategic objectives.

A mentoring programme is a tailor-made learning process where mentees (the less experienced person) are matched with mentors (the more experienced person). Mentoring accelerates the development of mentees while at the same time providing a learning process for the mentors. In this way, a mentoring programme ensures results for the mentees, the mentors and for the organisation. At KMP+ House of Mentoring, we believe that a clear programme goal, based on the organisation’s strategic objectives is the most important prerequisite for a successful mentoring programme. Thus, mentoring can impact the company culture, values and behaviours, and contribute to increased competitiveness.

Mentoring programmes – share knowledge, develop skills and create business results.

Organisational purpose

Mentoring programmes enhance opportunities for learning and dialogues, and a strong learning environment, mobility and visibility across the organisation, confidentiality, loyalty and common goals and values are all important keywords in mentoring.

Organisational mentoring programmes contribute to a common approach and a common language across the organisation. Mentoring programmes increase the effect and outcome of your leadership and talent development and can contribute to:

  • Retain and develop the leaders/talents
  • Create a learning culture – where both mentees and mentors are building on their leadership skills and values
  • Increase the visibility and mobility of the leaders/talents across the organisation
  • Build and increase leadership skills for both mentees and mentors
  • Prepare and retain talents for senior/business critical roles to ensure pipeline and succession
  • Enhance and ensure better integration of new employees


Mentor+ is a method used to create high quality and effective mentoring programmes, which develop people and organisations. The method ensures that the design of the programme always is carefully tailored to meet the organisation’s current situation and that the key stakeholders always are closely involved to make sure the programme has a clear agreed goal and generates the desired results.

Mentor+ contributes with

  • Tools and concepts that increase the competences of mentors and mentees which contributes with learning and development throughout the mentoring programmer
  • Increases the motivation and engagement of mentors and mentees and the role of mentor becomes concrete, structured and visible

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We offer


  • Guidance on designing and implementing mentoring programmes
  • A toolbox and concept for designing and facilitating your own mentoring programmes
  • Accreditation of internal trainers for the Mentor+Game
  • The Mentor+Game Workbook and tools for mentors and mentees
  • Training and workshops for mentors and mentees
  • Programme manager training and ongoing support
  • Mentor+Survey evaluation of mentoring programme effectiveness
  • Delivery of full-service mentoring programmes

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