7th International Mentoring Conference of the International Cross-Mentoring Programme in Luxenbourg

Participate in the conference in Luxembourg on September 21, 2015, where Kirsten M. Poulsen is conference leader and keynote speaker. This time the conference theme is; Mentoring and Career Navigation – How to define a successful Career.


International Cross-Mentoring Programme

Since 2008, KMP+ has been Business Partner in The International Cross-Mentoring Programme, which originally was established by Rita Knott in Luxembourg in 2005. Kirsten M. Poulsen is a part of the programme as a discussion partner and advisor to the programme management and the Mentor+Game is used for training and supervising mentors and mentees. Furthermore, Kirsten M. Poulsen is conference leader and keynote speaker at the open conferences, which are part of the programme.

Originally, the programme was established as a mentoring programme focusing on leadership and career development for women as mentees and cultural diversity. In Luxembourg, almost 50% of the population are expats from other countries – and daily even more commute to Luxembourg from neighboring countries to work.

Today the programme exists in Luxembourg in several versions, which are supported financially by Minister of Equality in Luxembourg:

  • Women at Board Level
  • Women in Leading Positions
  •  Women and Men in Leading Positions

For more information about the programme see the webpage www.cross-mentoring.net

The Conference Programme

See the detailed conference programme below.

 Internationa mentoring

The Practical

The conference will be held: Monday, September 21, 2015


Alvisse Parc Hotel
120 Route d’Echternach
1453 Luxembourg City

Sign up & Price

Please, contact KMP+ to get information about the price and sign up for the event.

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