The Mentor+Game™ is a key tool for training mentors and mentees. This innovative and engaging game – based on the Mentor’s Many Roles – will help clarify the situational mentor roles and how each role can be used to address specific mentee needs.

The Mentor+Game™ is an engaging card game for mentors and mentees to:

  • Explore situations they face during their mentoring partnership.
  • Test how Mentor’s Many Roles can be used in different situations.
  • Develop a common understanding of the mentoring relationship.
  • Gain confidence in their role and become aware of how they can benefit from the mentoring relationship.
  • Experience the dynamic of the mentoring relationship and experiment with Mentor’s Many Roles.

Mentor+Game™ – a powerful tool for increasing the impact of mentoring programmes

The Mentor+Game™ enhances the quality of the learning process for mentors and mentees. It is based on the 10 situational mentor roles, all of which aim to strengthen the mentor/mentee-relationship and increase the benefits of their conversations.

The Mentor+Game™ is an educational tool – based on the theory of experiential learning, – that involves the participants and enables shared reflections, constructive discussions, sharing of experiences and thus promoting a deeper understanding of themselves and the learning opportunities of mentoring.


Benefits of the  Mentor+Game™

  • Provides the backbone for your mentoring programme.
  • Ensures mutual understanding of mentoring and the role of the mentor.
  • Provides a clear and hands-on tool for training mentors and mentees.
  • Ensures that both mentors and mentees have the same understanding and expectation of what mentoring is and can bring.
  • Provides a framework for (peer) supervision.
  • Provides mentors and mentees with structure for evaluating their collaboration and giving each other feedback.
  • Increases the quality and benefits of your mentoring programme.

Mentor’s Many Roles 


Discussion Partner

Enters into discussions with and challenges mentees


Tells stories to inspire mentees


Gives expert advice

Knowledge Sharer

Shares professional knowledge when needed


Ask questions that provide new insight



Gives constructive criticism and feedback


Supports mentees in developing and using networks

Door opener

Opens doors and provides references


Encourages and supports mentees


Provides mentees with career guidance

In the video you can hear our Director Kirsten M. Poulsen explain more about Mentor’s Many Roles


Since 2009, more than 8,000 mentors and mentees from all over the world have been trained using the Mentor+Game™ – this does not include the work of the more than 30 accredited corporate facilitators.

3 ways to apply our Mentor+Game™ concept

Let us facilitate your mentoring activities with the Mentor+Game™


  • Tailor-made workshops – adapted to the organisational learning objectives and supports exiting development programmes.


  • Constructive learning environment – increases the motivation of mentors and mentees and ensures a common understanding of the programme objectives, roles and responsibilities.


Learn more about how we can facilitate your mentoring activities with the Mentor+Game™

Mentor+Facilitator™ Accreditation and Licence for corporations


  • Build internal resources – gain up-to-date knowledge of mentoring and practical skills in training mentors and mentees and facilitating mentoring programmes.


  • Enhance the effect of the process – increase the quality, impact and value of your company-internal mentoring programmes in a cost-effective way.


Learn more about the Mentor+Facilitator™ Accreditation and Licence and be able to use our concepts

Join our mentoring platform – Mentor+Universe™


  • Gain access anytime, anywhere online with the Mentor+Universe™– easily grow your mentoring programme across the organisation and impact more people.


  • Enhances the value of organisational mentoring programmes – increase the impact and benefits of mentoring programmes through innovative tools and models.


 Learn more about the Mentor+Universe™ and request a live demo

Mentor+Game™ – Materials

Workbook for mentors and mentees

The Workbook for mentors and mentees is based on the Mentor+Game™ and provides a solid tool for mentors and mentees helping them to prepare well for their meeting, hold good and effective meetings, decide on relevant homework for the mentee and follow up. Thus, the Workbook


  • Strengthens reflection and learning
  • Increases the value of the meeting
  • Increases the outcome of the process

Currently, the Workbook is available in Danish and English, and can be purchased when KMP+ House of Mentoring delivers all or parts of your mentoring programme, or as accredited facilitator – Mentor+Facilitator™ Accreditation and licence.

Role cards for mentors og mentees

The role cards are intended for mentors and mentees, who each receive one set consisting of 10 cards, where each card describes a role that the mentor can take on in the learning relationship with the mentee. The cards are the size of small business cards, and therefore some people can easily bring to the meetings.

Currently, the role cards are available in Danish, English, Norwegian and Swedish and can be purchased when KMP+ House of Mentoring delivers all or parts of your mentoring programme, or as accredited facilitator – Mentor+Facilitator™ Accreditation and licence.

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