Mentor+ Conference 2018

The Value of Diversity in the Workplace – The Hunt for Hidden Talent

May 31, 2018 – Bernstorff Palace – Copenhagen, Denmark

Welcome to our 2nd annual Mentor+ Conference, which this time focuses on diversity in the workplace. We will explore how we value diversity and create constructive cooperation across professions, areas of work, age, experience, competencies, culture, gender, etc.

The conference will focus on mentoring as an efficient HR and management tool, and how diversity is viewed in relation to attract, develop and retain talents within the company. In particular, we will explore how mentoring can make a difference when integrated with leadership and talent development.

Date: Thursday, May 31, 2018

Time: 8.30am to 4.00pm

Place: Bernstorff Palace, Jægersborg Allé 93, 2820 Gentofte

The conference will take place at Bernstorff Palace and the day will include presentations, as well as interactive workshops, and you will have plenty of opportunities to expand your professional network.


Watch the video below from last year’s conference.

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Speakers and Topics at the Mentor+ Conference 2018


ISS – Diversity pays off

Flemming Bendt is CEO at ISS Denmark and former Regional CEO at ISS Eastern Europe.

Flemming will talk about why and how they consider diversity a strength at ISS and tell us more about what diversity generally means to the business, the organisation and the employee. In addition to this, he will focus on what diversity means in relation to leadership and talent development at ISS.

Lotte Holck

Diversity develops your management style and strengthens teamwork

Lotte Holck is a post.doctoral researcher at Copenhagen Business School and ISS, where she researches in team dynamics, team diversity and management of diverse teams.

In her presentation, Lotte will talk about management of diverse teams, and its potential benefits such as enhanced knowledge capacity and stronger social relations within the team. The research is based on ISS Denmark, and Lotte gives tangible examples on how management of diverse teams develops both leaders and the organisation.

Retention of international talents in Denmark

Keld Arenholt Christensen, is a Senior Advisor at Department of Business and Management, Aalborg University.
Christine Lunde is the Managing Director at MARCOD, Maritime Center for Operations, and a mentor.
Sebastian Jorna, is a MSc Student at International Business Economics at Aalborg University, and a mentee.

Keld will talk about the background, motivation and content of the mentoring programme started by International Business Centre at Aalborg University in order to support the students in fitting into the Danish context in the Northern part of Jutland Thus retaining them for job positions in the local businesses that need new, qualified employees.

Christine and Sebastian will talk about their experiences and collaboration as mentor and mentee respectively during the mentoring programme.

Kirsten M. Poulsen

Understand your personal preferences about diversity and inclusion

Kirsten M. Poulsen is Director and Management Consultant at KMP+ House of Mentoring.

Kirsten will lead us through an interactive workshop. You will experience how differences influence your understanding of an collaboration with people whe are different from you. We will explore the value of diversity, and you will be inspired on how to develop closer relations with others.

Patricia Castanheira

Mentoring as a stepping stone to a new organisational culture

Patricia Castanheira is a Senior Research Fellow at University of Brighton.

Patricia will present her research on mentoring for school teachers in Kenya. The research documents the effect of the mentoring programme, both in relation to the participants’ perception of themselves and the development of their competencies. The project reflects the new possibilities as to overcoming barriers in the collaboration between people of different cultures.

Location: Bernstorff Palace, Copenhagen

Bernstorff Slot

Bernstorff Palace

The Mentor+ Conference 2018 will take place at Bernstorff Places. The Palace was built over 6 years from 1759 to 1765 and up until 1939, members of the Danish Royal Family used it as residence. Since 2009, Bernstorff Palace has been a hotel and conference center.

The conference itself takes place in Kavalergården (The Cavaliers Room), but we have ensured that you will enjoy your lunch at the palace, overlooking the spectacular Palace Garden. You will then be able to experience the historic palace on close range.


Stay at the Palace

In connection with the conference, you have the opportunity to stay at the palace.

Price: DKK 1,075,- incl. VAT & breakfast – 1. person

Please contact Bernstorff Palace at – remember to inform that you participate at the conference.

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