Kick-off, workshops and training

The purpose of a joint kick-off and ongoing workshops for mentors and mentees is to ensure a common understanding of the programme objectives, frameworks, roles and responsibilities. It ensures that both mentors and mentees benefit from the programme and adds a possibility of networking with other mentors and mentees.

A primary reason why many mentoring programmes fail in achieving the objective goals is a lack of introduction and training, which causes a loss of momentum because the participants lose their motivation due to uncertainty, lack of clarity and understanding of what is expected of them.


A thorough introduction and training make the participants – both mentors and mentees – able to clarify their expectations towards each other and the programme as well as making them able to align their understanding of the roles. A shared understanding of the concept of mentoring and the programme is an important factor for the success of the programme.


Ongoing mentor/mentee workshops also ensure progress, thus, it is important to schedule follow-ups on the participants’ learning and development as well as provide participants with new inspiration and new tools during the programme.

We offer the following mentoring activities

Mentor training
Our 2-day mentor training provides optimal understanding and insight into the definition of mentoring, roles and responsibilities as well as training in the content and techniques of the mentor role – e.g. training of dialogue, feedback and knowledge sharing of skills needed for mentoring. The role as mentor is distinct from the role as a leader and contains unique elements that is important to understand and train in order to perform the role best possible. The Mentor training is built around the concept of “Mentor’s Many Roles” which consists of 10 situational roles. The training contains a thorough presentation of theory, models, techniques and tools.

We offer this mentor training as an internal training programme within your organisation and as an open programme – read more here!

Kick-off for mentors and mentees
A joint kick-off for mentors and mentees creates a good energy and influences the motivation in a positive direction, so that the programme gets off to a good start. We tailor all kick-offs to suit your needs and provide all participants with a common introduction to the mentoring programme and its objectives, content, roles and framework as well as an understanding of the mentoring process.

We provide a constructive environment for the mentor/mentee pair’s first meeting, their meeting with the other participants and networking. We use the Mentor+Game as the main tool to provide a common approach and a common toolbox to mentoring.


Learning workshops for mentor and mentees
We offer tailor-made workshops adapted to your mentoring programme and mentors and mentees assignments and challenges within this mentoring programme. Examples: Diversity in relation to culture and nationality, organizational culture and career development. We support and enhance the learning process of the mentors and mentees and provide them with experiential exercises for developing new insight into their talents, their skills, their ambitions and their opportunities, which helps them building a strong network across the organisation and makes them able to learn from each other.

Mentor Master Class
Our Mentor Master Class – virtual or face2face workshops – for continued support and training of mentors, gives the mentors an opportunity to reflect on their practice, receive new relevant tools and topics for the mentoring conversations, use what they have learned from the mentor role in their daily job, and to build a strong network of mentors in the organisation.



Closing workshop for mentors and mentees
The purpose is to evaluate the learning experience – e.g. using the Mentor+Survey – as seen from the mentee’s and the mentor’s viewpoint, to celebrate results, to ensure a solid and constructive closing of the programme for the individual mentor/mentee pairs and to Transform the formal network into an informal one.

Mentor/mentee-spil på KU under ledelse af Kirsten M. Poulsen. Foto:  Henrik Petit

Foto: Henrik Petit

Lise Krogh_TOF0192_af Torben Hansen

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