Get a mentor and focus on your professional and personal development by working with an
Executive Business+Mentor outside of your personal network.


Our Executive Business+Mentors all come from the top of Danish business life, and the high quality of the programme ensures benefits for both individuals as well as the company. Are you facing new challenges? Are you new to the role as manager?, In need of changes, or do you wish to develop your career further? An Executive Business+Mentor can become your confidential and professional discussion partner, who supports, gives advices and coaches you through the challenges you may be facing.

Executive Business+Mentor – generate attention to career and development

Why get a mentor?

An Executive Business+Mentor is an external discussion partner outside of your normal network. A professional partnership with a mentor is for you who whose next step in the your career is to:

  • Strengthen your leadership skills
  • Get new challenges
  • Enhance talent development
  • Increase the ability to create results
  • Work with a confidential discussion partner

The Match

It is important to us that we match you with the right mentor, so that you get to work with the person who will best support and challenge you. The first step in the matching process is to make a personality test which looks at your social and emotional competences, as well as individual feedback and assessment on your role as a leader and development opportunities.
You will be assigned an Executive Mentor Coach – a KMP+ consultant who will be your personal contact during the programme. Your Executive Mentor Coach will at a preliminary meeting introduce you to the concept of mentoring, and together you will agree upon the overall purpose and learning goals. This preliminary meeting and the personality test form the basis of the match. The Executive Mentor Coach will find your mentor and arrange the first meeting between you.

The layout of the programme

The Executive Business+Mentor programme runs over a 12 month period in which you and your mentor will have approximately 8 sessions. Together with your mentor you agree upon how the meetings should be carrier out.
Throughout the process there will be supervision from the Executive Business Coach in order to evaluate the relationship.

The benefits for you

  • Gain new insights, see different perspectives and use them to act more purposefully
  • Receive support and advice to help you optimise your strengths and develop your leadership and management skills
  • Increase your ability to deliver results
  • Take advantage of having a confidential place to discuss the opportunities and challenges you face at work, and your professional development

Benefits for your company

Our focus is on reassuring that your benefits also create value for you business. We recommend that your company invest some energy in your mentoring process, as it is an important prerequisite for a successful outcome to create a common understanding among the different stakeholders. The company’s benefit includes

  • Improved employee retention
  • Improve employee performance, as, with the help of their mentor, employees learn how to maximise their own strengths and address their weaknesses
  • Focused support for new leaders, enabling them to start generating results more quickly
  • Development opportunities for experienced employees, which increase motivation

The practical

The first step in the process is to arrange a meeting between you and our Executive Business Coach, where you will be introduced to the concept of mentoring and agree on the overall goal for the learning process. Then you will complete a personality test which will form the basis of the match between you and your future mentor. Hereafter you will meet your mentor and start the programme.


Price             DKK 19.500 excl. VAT

The price includes a personality test and a Mentee Tool Kit which consists of the book “The Mentor+guide”, a workbook and a set of roll cards as well as the introduction meeting with a consultant and supervision throughout the programme.

Please contact us for a non-committal meeting


KMP+ Executive Business Mentor Corps

Our Executive Business+Mentors are specifically chosen for their extensive professional knowledge and experience, and all have completed a comprehensive mentor training programme. The people who we invite to become part of our Executive Business Mentor corps are experienced leaders (at least 10 years in management) and have a proven track record in developing talent and results. All of our mentors mainly come from larger private Danish companies and from many different areas of expertise e.g. finance, accounting, research, consulting, logistics sales and marketing.

Our mentors are people who want to use their skills and experience for the benefits of others. Their work on the programme is voluntary and they do not receive any payment.

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