In collaboration with KMP+ House of Mentoring, Finansforbundet provides their members with a unique mentoring programme focused on career development and developing personal and professional competences. A mentoring relationship gives you the opportunity to accelerate your career and increase your impact at work.

Are you facing new challenges and seeking new solutions? If so, a mentoring programme could be exactly what you are looking for: In close collaboration with an experienced manager or specialist who is accredited Business+Mentor from KMP+, you will experience a one-to-one learning process tailored to your situation, your goals and your ambitions.

Mentoring – focus on developing your competences and your career

Why choose a Business+Mentor?

Our Executive Business+Mentors are selected based on their extensive professional knowledge and experience, and all have completed a comprehensive mentor accreditation training with KMP+ House of Mentoring. All mentors are experienced leaders (at least 10 years leadership experience) and have a proven track record of developing talents and business results.

Meet some of our Business+Mentors here.


Mentoring can be valuable for you when you:

  • Are facing changes in your work life or in your career
  • Wish to focus on developing your career
  • Need professional and constructive feedback
  • Would like to explore your development and career opportunities in a confidential relationship


The right match

It is important to ensure a good match between you and your Business+Mentor. In order to do so, we use the Decision Dynamics Career ModelTM  enabling us to focus on your manager/specialist role and your development potential. Based on this profile and a preliminary interview with a career consultant from Finansforbundet, KMP+ will match you with a careerfully chosen mentor.

The mentoring process

The mentoring process takes place over 10 months and includes 8 meetings with your Business+Mentor. During this time, the KMP+ consultant will be your contact person and responsible for following up and sending out evaluation forms to evaluate your benefit from the programme.

When you start the mentoring relationship, we will send you the Mentor+ Workbook which includes an introduktion to mentoring, a learning log and a toolbox – all for your inspiration and to help you gain benefit from the mentoring process.

Practical information

How do I apply for a mentor?

This offer is only valid for members of Finansforbundet and application for having a mentor should be adressed to Finansforbundet

*remember to state your full name, social security number or membership number, as well as your job position in the e-mail.


You can see your special member price here:

You can find more information at Finansforbundet’s own webpage.

If you are not a member of Finansforbundet, you can contact us to hear about other possibilities for finding a mentor for you.


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