The Mentor+Game™

The Mentor+Game™ developed by KMP+ House of Mentoring is a unique tool for training mentors and mentees. With the Mentor+Game™, participants learn about mentoring, the Mentor's Many Roles, and mentor/mentee relationship, and they increase their communication and collaboration skills. Furthermore, the training helps mentors and mentees transfer those skills into their daily jobs thus increasing their capacity to perform and achieve results.

Benefits of the Mentor+Game™

  • Ensures mutual understanding of mentoring and the role of the mentor.
  • Provides a robust and hands-on tool for training mentors and mentees.
  • Increases the quality and outcome of your mentoring programme.
  • Provides a framework for training and (peer) supervision.
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The Mentor+Game™ is based on the 10 situational mentor roles also called Mentor's Many Roles, all of which aim to strengthen the mentor/mentee relationship and increase the outcome of their collaboration.In every conversation, the mentor must choose which role(s) to adopt, based ontheir mentee's current situation, readiness to learn, challenges and so on. Additionally, with the Mentor's Many Roles, the mentee can ask the mentor to use a specific role and provide the mentor with feedback on mentor's use of the roles.

The Mentor+Game™ is an educational tool based on the theory of experiential learning. The game facilitates sharing, reflections and experiences, having constructive discussions, and achieving a deeper understanding of themselves and the learning opportunities of mentoring.

We have developed a range of mentoring tools based on the Mentor+Game™ and Mentor's Many Roles to help your mentors and mentees on their mentoring journey.

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This innovative and engaging game enhances the quality of the learning process for mentors and mentees and helps them to

  • Explore situations they face during their mentoring collaboration.
  • Identify relevant styles of mentoring to approach the mentees' learning topics.
  • Develop a common understanding of how "to do the mentoring".
  • Gain confidence in their roles and become aware of how they can both benefit from the mentoring relationship.

Mentor's Many Roles


Train your mentors and mentees with the Mentor+Game™

Take your mentoring programme to the next level by using the Mentor+Game™ as the core methodology for your mentoring programme. The Mentor+Game™ is applicable in all types of mentoring programmes where you wish to install the modern mentoring approach: that mentoring is a mutual and reciprocal learning relationship. Whether your focus is on students, graduates, new leaders, diversity, leadership or talent development or whether your context is a private corporation, a public organisation, an educational institution or a membership association, the Mentor+Game™ can bring additional value to your mentoring programme and your participants.   

We offer different ways to implement the Mentor+Game™ in your mentoring programme 


Workshops for Mentors and Mentees

We offer both online and classroom training where your mentors and mentees will train with the Mentor+Game™ - facilitated by KMP+ House of Mentoring.

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E-learning for Mentors and Mentees

Train your mentors and mentees with our self-paced mentoring modules and let them practice in a safe environment.

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Become accredited mentoring trainer with a license to train and coach your mentors and mentees using the Mentor+Game™.

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