Enhance the impact of your leadership and talent development programme

  • We're passionate about developing people and organisations.
  • We create engaging learning programmes linked to organisations' goals and strategies.

A strong learning culture

Create a learning culture - where both mentees and mentors are building on their leadership skills and values.

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Boost your career with a mentor

With an external mentor, you get a professional discussion partner, who supports, give advice and helps you through the challenges you are facing.

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Webinars #Mentoringmatters

Join our free webinars. We share our knowledge from practice and research about how to design and implement successful mentoring programmes.

WHITE PAPER: From Talent to Value - the Employee Journey

Download this white paper to learn how mentoring as a strategic tool can help organisations attract and retain high-potential talents as well as accelerate leadership development and fill the succession pipeline. All big challenges that many organisations are facing right now. This white paper gives examples of how mentoring adds value to the employee journey through different career stages.

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  • Employer branding - increased number of candidates.

  • External networking - exposure to potentiall job candidates and other environments.

  • More insight into the ambitions and expectations of potential job candidates.

Onboarding & Retention

  • Faster integration of new employees - culture, values, connection.

  • Sooner up to full performance.

Developing & Retention

  • Accelerated people and career development.
  • Developing and consolidating organisational culture and values.
  • Foster innovative thinking.

Senior Retention

  • Knowledge transfer between generations.
  • Senior career positions for gradual withdrawal.
  • Re-engaging and motivating senior employees.

7 questions before starting a mentoring programme

  1. What is the overall purpose of your mentoring programme and what challenges/problems/opportunities are you addressing with the mentoring programme?
  2. Why do you believe a mentoring programme is the best solution?
  3. Who are the mentees, who are the mentors, and how will you invite/select them for the programme?
  4. What programme design are you considering – in person or online, one-to-one or group mentoring, local or global, etc.?
  5. When do you need to start the mentoring programme?
  6. Who will be responsible for the programme management?
  7. Do you have the right resources – budget, staff, external experts?


Contact us to book a free, virtual, one hour "Mentoring Consultation" session and receive specific answers and feedback on your mentoring programme design.


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A motivating learning process

Are you considering how your training and workshops could be more effective and inspiring? We can help ..

Access Anytime, Anywhere ...

Easily grow your mentoring programme across the organisation with the Mentor+Universe™ platform and impact more people.


If you get in contact we can take your trough a demo of our Mentor+ concept, various training modules and find out how we can help you with knowledge, experience and tools to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of mentoring in your organisation.


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