About KMP+ House of Mentoring

We are a consulting house, located outside Copenhagen, focused on delivering high impact mentoring programmes for leadership and talent development and we work with both local and global organisations.

We design and deliver state-of-the-art mentoring programmes based on in-depth research and good practice for a variety of clients, and we remain committed to expanding our knowledge to ensure corporate development initiatives have optimal outcomes – for participants as well as organisations.

KMP+ House of Mentoring was established in year 2000.

We are passionate about developing people and organisations

KMP+ House of Mentoring and our concepts

We provide concepts and tools that motivate employees to invest in their own learning and development and facilitate collaboration, networking and effective knowledge sharing across organisational and cultural boundaries. Together with the client, we ensure that development activities are relevant, meaningful to the individual, and clearly connected to strategic objectives, thus increasing the organisation’s ability to deliver results.

Mentoring is a diversity tool

Our approach to mentoring is focused on learning – mutual learning and mentoring as a learning alliance – which means that mentoring is always about building bridges between two people with some similarities and some differences. Depending on the purpose of the mentoring programme, the level of diversity may increase – however the level of diversity is both factual and perceptual – and that is the starting point of the learning process.

We define mentoring as 

From the participants’ perspective – Mentoring is a learning partnership between two people with different levels of experience and with the potential to achieve new learning, new insights and personal growth. Mentoring is about creating synergy between two people in a learning alliance.

From the organisation’s perspective – Mentoring is a strategic development activity that supports the organisation’s vision, goals and values and the participants’ development needs and wishes.


Benefits of working with KMP+ House of Mentoring

  • One concept, one approach and one common language in the organisation for designing and implementing successful mentoring programmes
  • State-of-the-art mentor and mentee training with innovative, engaging and solid tools that have proven their value globally
  • Full awareness of pitfalls and success criteria for using mentoring for leadership and talent development in your organisation
  • Increased effect and outcome of the mentoring programmes – minimised trial and error costs

We offer

  • Guidance on designing and implementing mentoring programmes
  • A toolbox and concept for designing and facilitating your own mentoring programmes
  • Accreditation of internal trainers for the Mentor+Game
  • The Mentor+Game Workbook and tools for mentors and mentees
  • Training and workshops for mentors and mentees
  • Programme manager training and ongoing support
  • Mentor+Survey evaluation of mentoring programme effectiveness
  • Delivery of full-service mentoring programmes

Additionally, we provide leadership and talent development training modules integrated into the mentoring programme – and we integrate mentoring into your existing leadership and talent development programmes.

Purpose Statement

  • We provide in-depth knowledge and practical tools for designing and deploying state-of-the-art mentoring programmes with significant business impact.
  • We engage in relevant research and collaborate with the best in academia to create and communicate cutting-edge knowledge of mentoring and learning.
  • We are passionate about learning, actively engage with our customers and connect with the individuals impacted by our collaboration

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