Employer branding

Employer branding

secure the future

Did you know that mentoring can enhance the effectiveness of your company brand? - secure your future talent pools.

We know how
Mentoring is a

Mentoring is a

learning alliance...

Mentoring is a learning partnership between two people with different level or kinds of experience, where both can achieve new learning, new insights and personal growth. Mentoring is a synergy between two people.

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A strong

A strong

learning culture

Create a learning culture - where both mentees and mentors are building on their leadership skills and values.

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Boost your career

Boost your career

professional mentor

Do you want to grow your leadership skills and develop your career? Why not join a one-to-one mentoring partnership with an accredited Executive Business+Mentor.

Executive Business+Mentor
A motivating

A motivating

learning process

Are you considering how your training and workshops could be more effective and inspiring? We can help...

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We're passionate about

We're passionate about

developing people

We're passionate about developing people and organisations. We create engaging learning programmes linked to organisations' goals and strategies.

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We’re passionate about developing people

We’re passionate about developing people and organisations and create engaging learning programmes linked to organisations’ goal and strategies. We design and deliver state-of-the-art mentoring programmes based on in-depth research and good practice for a variety of clients, and we remain committed to expanding our knowledge to ensure corporate development initiatives have optimal outcomes – for participants as well as organisations. We provide concepts and tools that motivate employees to invest in their own learning and development and facilitate collaboration, networking and effective knowledge sharing across organisational and cultural boundaries.

Enhance the impact of your leadership and talent development programme

We provide HR with the knowledge and tools to design and deploy high impact mentoring programmes across the organisation. Our work is focused on helping HR managers, HR partners and other internal facilitators and trainers improve the quality of their mentoring initiatives and ensure benefits for the organisation, the mentors and the mentees. We deliver highly tailored mentoring programmes, designed to meet the needs and objectives of the organisation, as well as in-house training programmes within our tools and concepts in order to prepare and train HR and mentoring programme managers to facilitate and run their own mentoring programmes.

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